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Marquette Energy Analytics helps utilities prepare for the unexpected.

America’s premier energy demand forecasting company, Marquette Energy Analytics, has been delivering accurate forecasts, accessible expertise, and reliable customer guidance for thirty years. The utilities we serve trust us to inform them about purchasing decisions, to help meet regulatory requirements, and aid in long term demand based planning. Discover how your utility can utilize Marquette Energy Analytics forecasts to improve how you manage your energy portfolio by clicking below.

Natural Gas Demand Forecasting

Our suite of Natural Gas Forecasting tools- MCast™ GasDay, MCast™ GasHour, GasMonth, and GasYear have become the industry standard for predicting natural gas demand, forecasting over 28% of the Nation’s natural gas usage.



Our MCast™ Power Software starts with a tried, tested, and proven mathematical foundation. Our data scientists pair that with a dynamic and wide range of advanced and constantly improving mathematical models. The evolving nature of this system ensures that our accuracy and reliability lead the pack when it comes to forecasting the constantly changing nature of electric power demand.



Our Design Day Studies and Long-Range Studies are most often used to assist utilities in appraising their infrastructure based on forecasted periods of peak demand.  Our studies and delivered reports have been used in regulatory tribunals, by both supply and control groups. We also construct custom studies to help predict business success.



Our industry continues to become more complex in its requirements and demands more data to support long term business decisions. Marquette Energy Analytics is uniquely positioned to partner with utilities in tackling these new obstacles. We retain a staff of experienced industry leading experts that can weigh in on events, forecasts, regulatory tribunals, or any individual request dealing with forecasting demand.

Additional to consulting, we now offer forecasting by premise, or leveled forecasting, to further help utilities navigate this constantly changing landscape.

Insight and Accuracy

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Our flagship SaaS product, MCast GasDay, forecasts RCI gas demand for more than 25% of the United States. How does it compare to your current forecasting? We challenge you to run our software against your current forecasting solution, at no charge.

30 years of serving U.S. utilities
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28% of all US natural gas use is forecast by Marquette Energy Analytics
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Our forecasts are used by utilities to help serve over 28 million customers

Our Team

A Wealth of Experience and Dedication

In 1993, we began working as the GasDay Energy Demand Research Laboratory at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Now, nearly thirty years later, we have become Marquette Energy Analytics. We have established ourselves as thee national leader in energy demand modeling, forecasting, and analytics services. Meet the team leading the nation’s premier energy demand forecasting service.

Thomas Quinn


Thomas “Tom” Quinn is Chief Executive Officer of Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC. In 2004, Quinn joined the GasDay Project at Marquette University as Business Director. Under his leadership, fourteen years later, Quinn transformed the research lab to an independent business, and in 2018 became the CEO of the private, agile, and scalable national leader Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC.

Tom’s comprehensive knowledge of computational science and years of experience conducting business in the energy industry allows him to surely steer Marquette Energy Analytics towards the future of serving US Utilities.

Dr. Ronald Brown

Chief science officer

Dr. Ronald “Ron” Brown is Chief Science Officer of Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC. Dr. Brown founded the company’s predecessor, Marquette University’s GasDay Energy Demand Research Laboratory in 1993, to support some of the very first academic research into energy demand forecasting.

The result of Dr. Brown’s research was the GasDay Daily forecasting tool (now MCast™ GasDay) which has been a used and useful tool since its inception.  Ron’s research results have appeared in many respected research publications,and his work has been cited over two million times in subsequent research.

In 2018, Ron helped establish Marquette Energy Analytics, ensuring every product meets his exceptional standards. Along with helping guide the company, Ron continues to serve as an Emeritus Faculty Member of Marquette University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Dr. Brown continues his research, presenting his results at various industry events throughout the year. 

Dr. George Corliss

Senior Scientist

Dr. George Corliss is the Senior Scientist of Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC. Dr. Corliss joined the GasDay lab in 2003, also as the Senior Scientist, and since has specialized in mentoring graduate students and developing custom solutions for complex problems.

Dr. Corliss specializes in scientific computing, interval analysis to provide guaranteed error bounds, mathematical modeling, and forecasting energy consumption. With these skills, he has led the development of Marquette Energy Analytics’ Measurement Scene Investigator (Meter Outlier Detection) and our Heating Oil Tank Level Forecaster.

Dr. Corliss continues as an emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Science Engineering, of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, and of Computer Science at Marquette University.

Additionally, he collaborates with the Ifakara Health Institute, in Ifakara, Tanzania, and is on the hunt for mathematical modeling opportunities, and outstanding graduate students.

Mike Phillips

Director of sales and marketing

Michael “Mike” Phillips is Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC’s Director of Sales and marketing. Mike has held this role since 2019, and is responsible for generating leads, discovering new markets, and training and managing the marketing team.

Phillips began his career as a software engineer and has spent three decades in technology sales and marketing. His unique positioning of being technically fluent and heavily experienced in sales and marketing allows Mike to be an effective and involved communicator, salesman, and leader.

Sarah Graupman


Sarah Graupman is the Director of Operations at Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC. Graupman began as a Data Analyst for the GasDay Lab in 2015. She held various roles while working at the GasDay lab, including Product Manager, and Product owner of GasDay. In these roles, she led the development of the GasDay Product’s transition to an Azure-based SaaS web platform (now the MCast™ SaaS solution).

Graupman was one of the leaders who aided in transforming the Lab into what it is today, Marquette Energy Analytics. Beginning work in 2018 as Product Owner, she managed customers and successfully led efforts to transition utilities from the Microsoft Excel-based GasDay application to the web-based application. From Product owner she moved to Product Operations Lead, managing the Product Operations team. Now, she has moved into the Role of Director of Operations, overseeing, and managing all daily activities of several departments- Application Support, Product Delivery, MCast™ Software Development, Data Science, and Research.

Greg Merkel

Data team leader

Gregory “Greg” Merkel is the Data Team Leader at Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC. Merkel started work at Marquette’s GasDay Lab as a Research Assistant in 2013 and spent five years pushing the boundaries of Demand Modeling and Mathematical Demand Modeling under the tutelage of Dr. Richard Povinelli, and Dr. Ron Brown. In these years, he developed the beginnings of what has become MCast™ Power, our Electric Power Forecasting Solution.

In 2018, Greg stepped up his role from research assistant to Lead Data Analyst and quickly assumed the Role of Data Team Leader.  He now continues to improve not only the Electric Power Forecaster he created at the GasDay Lab but all of Marquette Energy Analytics Data Processes.

Additionally, Merkel has become a consulting regulatory specialist, providing regulatory support to customers, improving regulatory-oriented products and services, and frequently working to support sales efforts.

Nathan Wilson

Lead Product Software Developer

Nathan “Nate” Wilson is Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC’s Software Development Lead. Wilson started working with the GasDay Lab in 2008 and quickly became the Software Team Lead. Under his leadership, the Software Development Team grew to a substantial force of coders, who skillfully and professionally worked to constantly improve existing software while expanding the software suite and improving both front-end and back-end processes.

After ten years of leadership, Nate took a front seat in helping develop a solid business foundation for Marquette Energy Analytics, becoming both Scrum master and EOS/ Traction Grandmaster.  His software development team is currently responsible for developing the updated, sleek, and modern interface of our MCast™ SaaS application, as well as the implementation and expansion of the product’s offerings.