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Marquette Energy Analytics helps you prepare for the unexpected.

We are the nation's premier energy demand forecasting service, providing demand forecasts for natural gas, electric distribution utilities, and delivered fuels. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped customers make informed purchasing decisions and meet regulatory requirements by delivering accurate forecasts, accessible expertise, and reliable customer guidance. Discover how your team can partner with Marquette Energy Analytics to prepare for the toughest peak conditions.

Natural Gas Forecasting

Our products deliver hourly, daily, monthly, and annual forecasts with unmatched accuracy. Marquette Energy Analytics is responsible for forecasting gas demand for more than 20% of America.


Electricity Forecasting

Our MCast Power accurately predicts a region’s hourly electricity usage up to 168 hours/7 days out.


Delivered Fuel Forecaster

Our Propane & Oil Tank Forecaster helps distributors know when customers’ tanks are low before they do.


Design Day and Long-Range Demand Studies

We help customers forecast demand for “peak day” of extreme weather and create custom studies to predict business success

Insight and Accuracy

Put us to the test. Discover why we lead the nation in energy demand forecasting.

Our flagship product, GasDay, forecasts gas demand for more than 20% of the United States. MCast GasDay is our cloud-based solution used to deliver natural gas to more than 2 million individual customers. How does it compare to your current forecasting? We challenge you to run our software against your current forecasting solution, at no charge.

25 years of serving U.S. utilities
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20% of all natural gas use is forecast by Marquette Energy Analytics
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20 million U.S. customers rely on Marquette Energy Analytics customers for energy

Our Team

A Wealth of Experience and Dedication

We began in 1994 as the GasDay energy demand research lab at Marquette University. Twenty-five years later, we have become a national leader in energy demand modeling, forecasting, and analytics. Meet the people behind the nation’s most accurate forecasting.

Thomas Quinn


CEO Tom Quinn has helped transform Marquette Energy Analytics from a university-based research lab to a more agile and scalable national leader. His computer science background and business savvy help push us toward the future of demand modeling, forecasting, and analytics.

Dr. Ronald Brown

Chief science officer

Dr. Ronald Brown, the company’s founder, brings 26 years of experience to his role as Chief Science Officer. He ensures that every Marquette Energy Analytics product meets his exceptional standards.

Dr. George Corliss

Senior Scientist

Dr. Corliss specializes in developing the framework for custom studies at Marquette Energy Analytics. He developed our Heating Oil Forecaster and Measurement Scene Investigator.

Mike Phillips

Director of sales and marketing

Mike Phillips began his career as a software engineer and has spent three decades in technology sales and marketing.

Sarah Graupman

Product owner

Sarah Graupman uses her leadership skills and business acumen to guide the product teams toward excellence.

Greg Merkel

Data team leader

Greg Merkel is a graduate of Marquette University’s computer engineering Master’s program. He developed our electricity demand forecasting technology.

Nathan Wilson

Product software team leader

Nathan Wilson leads the application development team, continually striving to improve the products we create.