Marquette Energy Analytics—Unmatched accuracy in energy demand modeling, forecasting, and analysis

We all benefit when utilities are able to accurately predict energy use, especially in the case of extreme weather events that put pressure on distribution systems and power grids. Our state-of-the-art forecasting solutions take the pressure off so you can prepare. We provide a no-fee demo of our software. Contact us for a trial run.


Natural Gas Forecasting

Marquette Energy Analytics is responsible for forecasting gas demand for more than 20% of America with our flagship product, GasDay. Accurate forecasting allows customers to meet regulatory requirements while making informed purchasing decisions. Our accuracy keeps growing our customer base, and keeps satisfied customers coming back year after year.

8 Day Forecast

MCast ™ GasDay is a cloud-based product used by dozens of LDCs around the country to deliver natural gas to more than 2 million individual customers. It forecasts daily gas demand 8 days into the future.


MCast ™ GasHour forecasts hourly gas demand over a 4-day period.


MCast ™ GasMonth and MCast ™ GasYear forecast demand a month to multiple years out, up to 840 days ahead.


Electricity Demand Forecasting

Marquette Energy Analytics’ MCast ™ Power is able to accurately predict a region’s hourly electricity usage up to 168 hours / 7 days out. The electric power forecaster tracks a system’s behavior and adjusts to track shifting energy usage patterns. Our forecasting models are customized to each region’s historical data. Our forecasts are fine tuned and custom designed to meet local needs, including tuning parameters, adding weather inputs, and data cleaning.

Accurate & dependable

Predict your demand a week in advance.

Custom & adaptable

Track and analyze balances throughout the day with detailed hourly forecasting up to four days out.


Delivered Fuel Forecasting

Marquette Energy Analytics’ Propane & Oil Tank Forecaster helps distributors know when customers’ tanks are low before they do. It offers highly accurate predictions of the use of heating oil and propane tanks, reducing late deliveries, over- and undersupply estimations, and costs associated with tank fill-ups and distribution.


Track and analyze balances throughout the day with detailed hourly forecasting up to four days out.


Extreme Conditions & Long-Range Demand Studies

Design Day Studies. When regions face extreme weather events, energy companies are expected to anticipate the timing and magnitude of events and serve customers without fail. Large distributors of energy require “peak day” forecasts that estimate the energy demand during a theoretical “design day” of extreme (usually cold) weather. Marquette Energy Analytics helps companies forecast demand for their unique design day, and provides insights into what peak conditions they may encounter.


We began as a short-term forecasting solution, but have expanded our range and experience to include customer-class studies and long-range econometrics-based forecasting projects. We are the analytical engine that helps energy companies plan for their customers’ future.


We create and execute hyper-individualized custom studies to predict business success. We help large energy companies improve their operations, either by reducing costs or by supporting services that generate new earnings.