Industry Leadership

People Listen When We Talk.

Energy suppliers, utilities, and customers all benefit from accurate forecasts of energy demand.

There’s a good reason Marquette Energy Analytics forecasts gas for more than 28% of America. It’s because we provide unmatched, dependable forecasts, guiding our customers to accurately predict use, operate optimally, and improve operations.

Our experienced team is leading the way to exceptional forecasting designed for the future. We are proud members of the natural gas community. As part of this mission, we have offered talks and roundtable discussions at conferences around the country.

We have participated in the following Industry Conferences:

Southern Gas Association

American Gas Association

IEEE Power and Energy

LDC Forums

MEA Energy’s Gas Operations Technical and Leadership Summit


International Symposium on Forecasting

Gas Technology Institute

American Society for Engineering Educators

Midwest Economics Association

Pipeline Simulation Interest Group

Industry Leadership

Academic Papers

Members of the academic community and the energy industry look to Marquette Energy Analytics for cutting-edge insights on products and solutions.

Dr. Ronald Brown

Marquette Energy Analytics founder Dr. Ronald Brown is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Marquette University.

Dr. George Corliss

Dr. Corliss specializes in developing the framework for custom studies at Marquette Energy Analytics. Dr. Corliss continues as an emeritus Professor of Electrical & Computer Science Engineering, of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, and of Computer Science at Marquette University.

Dr. Richard Povinelli

Dr. Richard Povinelli is a professor at Marquette University who focuses his research on Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Dynamical Systems, and Chaos.